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Interest Only Mortgage Deals: Pros And Cons

By David P Walker

When you’re taking on a new mortgage deal, there are a huge number of things to think about. But one fundamental choice you will need to make somewhere along the line is whether you want to be paying off capital each month or only the interest on that capital.

An interest-only mortgage is one in which you only pay off the interest accrued on the total capital each month, meaning the capital owed remains the same throughout the length of the mortgage deal.

Interest-Only Pros:

According to the Financial Services Authority, four in ten households have interest-only mortgages. There are a number of pros to interest-only mortgage deals, primarily that monthly repayments will be significantly lower than with a repayment mortgage. This means that you will keep more of your income each month to spend on yourself, or on home improvements, for example. In fact, with a very low base rate, an interest-only mortgage deal can seem almost impossibly cheap to maintain, depending on the type of mortgage you have.

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An interest-only mortgage is also sometimes considered to be preferable in the eyes of buy-to-let investors. This is because they are able to claim back tax on the mortgage interest, and they may reason that rises in the property market will enable them to make capital repayments later on.

Also, with interest-only mortgage deals, you can choose a savings account or repayment vehicle which gains the best interest rates and is tax-efficient. If you can manage this well alongside the mortgage and keep up the payments (and not spend the money you have saved), this option could even save you money in the long run.

Interest-Only Cons:

Interest-only mortgages are considered risky, as they do not provide the borrower with a complete outline for how they will pay off the capital they owe, and this can cause problems when the mortgage term ends if there is outstanding debt and no alternative means of repayment.

Also, while a repayment mortgage may be more expensive in the short term, in the long term you will be reducing the total capital owed which will, in turn, reduce the interest paid as well. With an interest-only mortgage deal, however, the capital will still be payable in full right up until the end of the mortgage term – often 25 years later.


With an interest-only mortgage deal, you will ideally use a separate savings account or repayment vehicle which you also make monthly payments into to ensure you will be able to pay off the capital by the end of the mortgage term. Otherwise you will need to know that there is capital available to pay off the remaining amount owed by the end of the mortgage term.

A repayment vehicle can be an ISA, for example, which you make monthly payments into in order to accrue a lump sum which you can use to pay off the total owed at the end of the mortgage term. You will need to monitor these repayments carefully because different savings options will have different interest rates, which may vary over time, so it’s important to make sure you continue to pay in the right amount to stay up-to-date, or you might be in for a nasty surprise later on.

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Top Rated Financial Planners Look Online For The Best Advisors

By Ryan Pauline

The internet is one of the handiest tools anyone can use today. It offers the public an unlimited amount of information and easy access to whatever they need. This is why it is not surprising that businesses are now expanding online. With the growth of the market using the World Wide Web, it would really be foolish not to tap this venue. As a consumer, this, of course, is a great thing for you as well, especially if you’re here to find something as complicated as top rated financial planners.

Because the internet is a very lucrative spot for business, it would be quite a shame if a good firm wouldn’t explore their chances online. As more and more people rely on this platform to find everything that they need, not getting found just because you refuse to get listed online would be unwise. The web is the only other thing that can offer ventures another ‘venue’ for their business, so why not miss the chance, right?

As you may well know, though, a quick search engine query can already give you overwhelming results in which company or firm to go for. In the US alone, there are about 200,000 financial planning practitioners, so just imagine how many of those are using the internet for their own purposes today. There’s no doubt that you can find something on the web. The bigger question is, are they worth your time and efforts?

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This is why one of the top solutions pushed by many is to go for top rated financial planners. To find these firms, the best tools that you can use are reviews and lists made by finance and business websites. These will point you to the right direction with which one would give you the best services that will match your goals and requirements.

However, to be able to definitely choose which firm to go for, you may need to know a couple of things. These could be great factors in your decision making, as they will have a great impact with how you can expect a certain service from a particular company.

One good example of these factors is their credentials. It is true that practitioners in this field do not need to graduate with a specific degree, but there are certifications that could gauge their capacities in managing your finances. Finding top rated financial planners with great qualifications could be a sign that they will perform with high regards of your interest.

Another important thing that you need to know before signing up with any planning firm is the detail on how they get compensated. People in this profession use various methods in getting paid, so you will have to understand those first so you can be sure that you’ll get the proper services that you’re paying for.

All of the information with how you can find top rated financial planners is available online. So, make sure to conduct your own thorough research on the field before you do and decide on anything.

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Using Wills And Probate Planning To Protect Estate Assets

By Simon Volkov

Wills and probate refer to estate planning strategies used to bequeath inheritance gifts. Wills provide written directives as to how property is gifted upon death. Wills can also be used to indicate preferences for burial, and to appoint a guardian for minor children. Probate is the process used to settle estates upon death.

Wills and probate settlement often extends for several months. Much depends on type of inheritance gifts, debts owed by decedents, and family dynamics. A personal representative is named in the Will and responsible for estate settlement proceedings. If a person dies without executing a legal Will, a personal representative is confirmed through probate court.

The probate process gives representatives time to issue creditor notices; notify government entities such as Medicare, Social Security, or Veterans Affairs; secure and inventory property owned by decedents; pay outstanding debts; and oversee distribution of inheritance gifts.

Estate settlement proceedings can be extended if heirs contest the Will or if the deceased did not execute a Will. Estates without a Will are referred to as ‘intestate’ and often require additional time to confirm an estate administrator and determine rightful heirs. Administrators of intestate estates must comply with state laws on the distribution of inheritance property.

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When direct lineage heirs feel entitled to inheritance gifts that were not gifted to them through the Will, they can file a lawsuit against the estate. This is known as contesting the Will. Heirs can also contest the Will if they believe the decedent was not of sound mind or under the influence of another at the time they executed their last will and testament.

Heirs are initially responsible for costs surrounding contested Wills. If the judge rules in their favor the estate may be ordered to compensate legal fees. If heirs lose the case they may be ordered to make restitution to the estate for legal fees. Regardless of how the judge rules, contesting a Will prolongs probate and often leaves nothing for loved ones.

When family strife exists it can be advantageous to hire a probate attorney to engage in estate administration proceedings. Having a lawyer as the legal representative often dissuades heirs from contesting the Will and minimizes family disharmony.

Establishing estate planning strategies can protect certain types of property from having to pass through probate. For example, individuals can assign beneficiaries to receive money held in bank accounts, financial portfolios, retirement accounts, and life insurance proceeds. They can also establish beneficiaries for titled property such as real estate and motor vehicles.

In order to ensure compliance with state probate laws it is necessary to consult with an estate planner or probate attorney. Most states exempt small estates from enduring the probate process. Exemption values range from $25,000 to $100,000. For example, California probate exempts estates valued below $100,000, while Indiana’s exemption is $50,000.

The majority of estate planners and probate attorneys provide complimentary consultations to talk about estate planning needs. Some charge a nominal fee which is often deducted from final costs. Working with professionals is the best way to determine appropriate strategies and protect the estate from the risk of having the Will contested.

Adhering to probate protocol can be a challenge; especially when decedents do not execute a Will prior to death or when family conflicts occur. Estate planning is recommended for anyone aged 18 and over.

Many people procrastinate over implementing wills and probate strategies. However, the process is simple and takes only a few hours. Those who take time to implement estate planning procedures can have peace of mind knowing loved ones will receive intended inheritance gifts.

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Some Useful Tips On Planning And Conducting A Business Meeting

Submitted by: Jennifer Mears

The new thinking that often pervades Business Management text books, seminars and training

courses are that meetings are a waste of time. Whilst it s true that an over-abundance of unproductive

meetings are no good to anybody, business meetings still have an important role to play in business

decision making, delegation and communication.

To remove some of the negative associations of Business Meetings it is important that they are

planned and conducted as effectively as possible.

Planning a Business Meeting

It is worth asking ourselves the following questions:

1. Is the meeting absolutely necessary?

Do you need to call the whole department if only a few members hold the relevant information? Can an

alternative to the meeting (such as a conference phone-call, group email, etc) be as effective.

2. Who is required to attend?

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Keep the numbers as small and specific as possible. Smaller groups are more productive and it is much

harder getting larger groups to reach agreement and stay on track. If necessary, it can be a good idea to

invite people to certain sections of the meeting. An example of this is meeting with the supervisors and

then having the staff in at the end of the meeting to communicate the decisions reached.

3. Has an agenda been circulated?

Having an agenda keeps people focused and adds much needed structure to the meeting. Ensure that

the agenda is circulated ahead of time and it is as clear and concise as possible.

4. Are visual aids required and understood?

Visual aids help get points across quickly and succinctly. When conducting a meeting you need to ensure

that the data is accurate, understand where it fits with the agenda and try to anticipate any likely


Conducting the Meeting

The following tips will help you conduct a business meeting:

Always start at the assigned time

The agenda has been circulated in advance so everybody knows the correct start time. Waiting fo

latecomers, or stopping the meeting to tell them what they have missed will make the meeting run ove

time. This will inconvenience those that did make it on time. Also, if people know you will start without

them they will be inclined to improve their time management for your next meeting.

Start with the easier issues

Start with easily resolvable issues first and leave the more challenging ones until the end. By solving the

easier problems first, the participants will have developed a sense of rapport and successfully exercised

their problem solving skills. It will also help the overall productivity of the meeting getting the easie

tasks resolved first. You will then know exactly how much time you have left for the weightier problems.

Be strict with time management

Try to plan an amount of time for each agenda item and stick to it. If the dialogue is going in circles o

no solution looks imminent then note the progress made and move on. Don t try to force a resolution as

some issues could take weeks or months to resolve.

Continue unresolved topics at later meetings

It s always best to try and resolve as much as possible in the original meeting. However, new problems

may come to light, or more data could be required to solve certain issues. Make a note of all unresolved

issues and schedule them for the next meeting, or arrange a smaller meeting with the individuals

directly connected to the issue.

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