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Make Dry, Dumpy Hair Come Alive With Trendy Cuts From Hair Thinning Scissors

By Ed Friesen

Are you one of those wishing for the ultimate salon experience? Somebody who has kept her long hippy hair for decades and just dying to finally chop it off in favor of some new and trendy do? Why not release your inhibitions and just make that trip to the salon and having yourself dolled up with an edgier cut done by professionals with hair thinning scissors?

Whether its a shag or layered or fringed this thinning hair shears will do just the trick to give you the look that you want to achieve. Want to try a style that is truly different. Try an emo-style cut with these tips from Brooke Hayles.

Typical Emo haircuts are characterized by asymmetrical lines, bold highlights and jet black hair. Emos don’t move with the herd and their haircuts are simply an extension of this belief. In most cases, Emo haircuts are one of a kind experiments and not the type that you can get at an ordinary salon. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to create your own Emo style with a pair of scissors, razor and dye.

There are is no set technique to an Emo-cut. It maybe described as more of a personal art-form, an expression of one’s deepest emotions. In other words, any style can pass off as an Emo hairstyle as long as it doesn’t look like one of those “dos” that you might wear to a prom or a club.

Both Emo men and women dye their hair jet black and the bolder the effect, the better. You don’t have to worry about the dye looking unnatural and can even shade the edges with frosted highlights, blue or purple.

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However in her article Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Your Face – Part 3 of 6, Periann Rodriguez warns that in order for us to pull of a great, new hairstyle aided by a professional hair scissors, we ought to look into the following queries.

1. What aspect of your hair would you like to enhance? (i.e. texture, volume, wave, length, color) These aspects have an important role in fine-tuning the hair style that best suits you.)

2. How much time do you spend styling your hair every day? If you get a hair style that requires more styling time, will you be able (and willing) to put in the time?

3. Are you good at dealing with your hair, or do you struggle with getting it to do certain things? If you struggle with your hair, you would not want to pick a high maintenance hair, i.e. lots of layering, curls as they will require extra work.

4. Are you more comfortable with long or short styles? Sometimes we see a fantastic celebrity short hair style and desperately want the look. Remember that once you cut the hair off, it will take a long time to grow back. Of course there are hair extensions!

5. How often do you shampoo/condition your hair? Referring to hair extensions above, if you want long, beautiful hair with hair extensions, be aware of the extra time needed to shampoo/condition your hair. And every time you shampoo/condition your hair, you will be re-styling it.

6. Is your hair extremely dry or oily? Very dry hair may not hold up to constant flat ironing, curling irons, etc. If you need these appliances to create your celebrity hair style, be sure to deep-condition your hair regularly to combat the dryness. Extremely oily hair may not hold a curl, and will definitely cause issues with many hair extension methods. Be realistic about what you can do with your hair.

7. Are you experiencing any type of unnatural hair loss? Hair loss can be camouflaged by your hair style. Don’t pick a hair style that will accentuate your hair loss or thinning. Be sure to look into various hair loss treatments. If caught early, many hair loss situations can be reversed or at least halted.

8. Do you have any cowlicks or a natural and persistent part? No matter what hair style you get, you will need to consider these issues. Adapt the hair style you are looking for to accommodate any imperfections in your hair.

9. You have picked a celebrity hair style that you want. Do you know what the styling requirements are to get your hair to look like that every day?

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Circulatory System Fun Facts For Women

By Elizabeth R. Dean

When I was in school, I hated science and remember thinking that the circulatory system was the most boring topic ever invented. The boys in the class liked the blood and guts aspect of it, but I was never intrigued by any of it. It was only when I started helping my kid with his homework that I found the subject interesting. Turns out, the circulatory system is fairly awesome, as long as it is taught correctly. Fortunately, my son has a better teacher than I did. The way she teaches internal anatomy is engaging and fun, basically the complete opposite of how I was taught!

The circulatory system is one of the most important systems in your body. At the center of your circulatory system is the heart. From there, blood vessels carry blood through your entire body. The blood carries the oxygen and nutrients to every place in your body. Then on its way back it picks up all of the waste that is left over so your body can get rid of it. The branches of blood vessels are both small and large, and if you were to string them all together end to end, they would circle the globe 2.5 times. See, I told you the circulatory system was cool!

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There are plenty of other fun facts related to the circulatory system. For example, over the course of a year your heart will beat around 30 million times. Even cooler, if you’re an adult your heart will pump around 4,000 gallons of blood every day. If you’re a three year old, you only have two pints of blood in your entire body. If you’re an average sized adult, on the other hand, you’ve got at least 10 pints of blood to carry around. There’s so much to learn about the circulatory system, it’s really a fascinating section of your body.

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Select The Latest In Indian Fashion Online At Unbelievably Low Prices

Select The Latest In Indian Fashion Online At Unbelievably Low Prices


Vikram Kumar

When it comes to fashion trends and styles, India does not lag far behind in the international scene. Many different designers and clothing manufacturers are delivering high standards of clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories today. Our country is rich in heritage when it comes to varied textiles and we are constantly evolving with new Indian fashion trends that are worn by the young, glamorous women in the cosmopolitan sectors of India. The scene today is vibrant, colorful and trendy as many designers churn up the latest designs and styles to keep the fashion world abuzz.

To be in tune with the latest styles and designs, click on various websites that offer trendy fashionable Indian clothing. You will find a wide selection of styles and prints that may excite you into selecting more than one outfit. Mix and match and select leggings to suit the tunic tops that you purchase. The styles are different and you can pick them out in the design and color of your choice.

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Indian tunic tops are in vogue as they are sold either plan or embellished with sequins, beads and other shimmering materials to look exquisite and different. You can wear a plain tunic to work or you can select an elaborate one with a lot of work on it when you plan to attend an important party or wedding. Be the cynosure of all eyes when you enter the room looking lovely in your new clothing. Matching jewelry enhances any outfit and compliments the wearer. Carry the right clutch purse and slip into trendy sandals to complete the ensemble.

Register at and you can look up their catalogues to find exciting Indian clothing and jewelry sets that can take your breath away. Take your time to browse through their extensive selection and place an order. You will be amazed at the low prices offered and the discounts that are included with a free gift when you purchase a certain amount. Get all the details when you read the terms and conditions. You will note that there are many satisfied customers who have left testimonials and thank Bombay jewelry for their prompt delivery and service.

Women today are appreciative of websites that display the latest in Indian fashion and jewelry as they can select the items from the comfort of their home instead of trying to source out something that really catches their eye as they go from store to store offline. Many online clothing websites are able to lure customers to their websites once they convince the customer of their basic interest in offering service with affordable rates and prompt service.

When you visit offline shops you will pay a lot more for the items that you particularly like as they have many overheads to take care of and some of it is added to the price tag. Online shops do not have this problem and are therefore free to pass on the discounts that they get from the manufacturers. Make the most of online shopping and order clothes that will make you feel and look good always.

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Select The Latest In Indian Fashion Online At Unbelievably Low Prices

Glass Cremation Jewelry Keeps Your Loved One Close

By Mark Hamilton

With cremation becoming an increasingly popular option,more and more people are wondering what to do with their loved one’s ashes. Memorializing a loved one is an important part of the grieving process but it can be so difficult to make a decision at a time like this.

Most funeral homes offer a range of cremation urns but the selection is often limited and none of them may really fit your loved ones personality. Or perhaps an urn just seems a little too distant to you. Urns do have their place, but some people want something a little more personal and intimate…something they can keep close to them.

Why Choose Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is the perfect way to carry the ashes of your loved one close to you. Instead of sitting on a dusty shelf where you seldom notice them, they are always there with you. Whenever you feel the pendant against your skin or catch sight of it in the mirror, you have an opportunity to remember your loved one and feel their presence with you.

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Another reason many people choose cremation jewelry is that it allows a relatively small amount of ash to be divided among friends and family in a respectful and thoughtful way. Instead of dividing the ash up into little baggies or jars, it can be presented to each person in a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry. The gift of the memorial jewelry itself then becomes part of the memory and has deep significance for the wearer.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is available in a wide varietyof styles and no one but the wearerever needs to know it’s true significance.Regardless of your personal style preferences, cremation pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets can be found in glass, wood, silver, gold andstainless steel.

Although most of the designs are manufactured by machine, there are also a few talented artisans who create unique handcrafted cremation jewelry out of glass, wood, silver and gold. These hand made memorial pieces are often one of a kind and sometimes made to order. For some types of fused and blown glass cremation jewelry, the artisan will even use mix the cremains into the glass itself.

Glass Cremation Jewelry

Glass cremation jewelry is particularly unique because its the only type where you can actually see the ashes inside the jewelry. Most of the glass memorial jewelry available is the type that you fill with ashes at home. A small glass vial or tube has a stopper on one end that seals after the ashes are inserted. This allows you to see the ashes inside.

A particularly unique type of memorial jewelry is hand blown glass cremation jewelry. This is the only type of cremation jewelry in which the cremains actually become part of the art. The ashes are sent to a hot glass artist who encases them in glass and creates a unique design in the jewelry using the ashes as the focal point. The ashes are returned to you along with the custom made glass cremation jewelry.

About the Author:

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