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Four Questions To Help You Decide Whether To Renovate Your Kitchen

Submitted by: Alan Lepley

Your kitchen will almost certainly be the heart of your home, the busiest room in the house, where there is constant activity throughout the day. If the time has come when the surroundings in this important area no longer make it a pleasant place to be then you are probably thinking about a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation.

What questions should you ask yourself before you undertake this project?

After all is it unlikely it will be accomplished without some disruption so it should be well thought out before you begin. As well as making this important space in your home somewhere that you are happy to spend time in a successful kitchen renovation should provide you with more effective cooking and storage place. A professional kitchen remodel should instantly increase the value of your home and make you the envy of your friends and neighbours!

So what should you be thinking of?

What am I hoping to achieve?

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Think about the daily use of your kitchen. What are the problem areas? Do you struggle to find enough workspace? Is everything overcrowded or too far apart? What about the state of your cupboards? Are they full to overflowing? Are the doors and handles the worse for wear?

Try and prioritise into what is essential and what would be nice. For example, cracked, damaged work surfaces need replacing with new counters and therefore this would be the time to investigate the different materials available. However a nice new fridge may look great but if your old one still works be honest about how high up your list of priorities this should be.

Priorities should start with those must haves to increase the effectiveness and user friendliness of your kitchen and will almost certainly include, new work surfaces, either new cabinets or new cupboard doors and fittings, new kitchen sink and maybe a repositioning of main items that will need your electrics and plumbing looking at as well.

Will it be worth the upheaval?

There is no getting away from the fact that you will experience disruption in your kitchen and home as a whole. How much can you cope with? How will you manage it? Will you need advice to plan the project to ensure you keep your sanity?

What is my budget?

What can you realistically afford? Will this have to be a more cosmetic renovation or a full scale renovation / kitchen replacement? How will you budget? Is finance necessary for the project and if so how realistic will it be to secure it? Remember that you should be looking to improve the value of your home so whilst you do need to budget and fully cost the project you should think very hard before cutting corners that could ultimately undermine the total value of works.

When you have worked through these questions the last and most important question remains.

Where will I find the right people to help me?

Research is the answer. Take your time and ask questions. Does the kitchen supplier have expertise and experience with all types of installations and dwellings. How about sub contractors – will they find and manage these for you. Finance? What options can they give you? Credibility? Can you see examples of work, customer testimonials – do they have a showroom? How about budget? Can you have a quote? How detailed will it be? What about your deposit – will it be safe?

Look for a company that is happy to engage in dialogue with you and answer any questions you think of!

About the Author: Alan Lepley is a successful business owner with many years experience in the field of fitting kitchens in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and London.For more useful information visit his website at


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Qualified Electrical Services: Find An Electrician Tomball

Submitted by: Susan J Morris

If you do not have much knowledge or expertise in doing electrical projects, you are risking your life as well as that of your loved ones. Since safety should be your concern to protect your home from any dangers, electrical projects must be handled by experienced electrician Tomball. Take the hassles and risks out of your way by letting a local electrician solve your electrical problems.

In point of fact, even the simplest electrical problem can wreak havoc. Get any repairing job done in no time. Here is a list of some projects that must be taken care of by a qualified electrician in Tomball.

Installation of switch boards, wires, lights, sockets, new extensions, ceiling fans and other appliances.

Updating of worn wiring in an old home.

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Repairing of faulty wiring on some appliances.

Fixing of a short in a home s interior wing.

Addition of power outlets.

Landscape lighting.

Delays in electrical repairing can augment issues further. This can call for more expenditures as well as physical injuries. Make sure to call a qualified electrician as soon as possible to have any electrical problem addressed. But before you assign any electrical job to anyone, make sure to check out available contractors then compare their services and prices. See to it that your prospective electrician is adept in what he would do.

Wherever you are in Tomball, Texas, you should ascertain that you are living in a home that is faultlessly wired. It is imperative to ensure that the wirings in your home do not pose any threat to you and your family. Once wires are destroyed, have them changed fast to prevent major electrical accident. You may need to fix old problems or install new wirings and even look for new lights and lamps in case of remodeling. Good thing that a lot of services are being offered by many electricians in Tomball, that too at reasonable rate.

An electrician Tomball is ready to do any electrical task at your convenience. Most electrical services providers are capable of providing you with a quote at no cost. Get quotes from at least two or more providers and see which you think could give you the best price and services. Of course, do not just go for the price alone. Make sure that quality work will be provided to you by ensuring that your work will be done by a licensed electrician with proven track record of success.

Looking around, getting quotes and interviewing different electricians in your area can help you settle on one that you think could be right for your electrical needs. You may either check your local directory for electricians or simply surf the Web to find ones near you. The Internet is so far the best place to search for an electrician Tomball. Just make sure to know what other people are saying about your to be electrician by reading client testimonials, reading discussion forums or during your initial consultation with the electrical service provider.

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Freezing Pipes: How To Avoid A Winter Plumbing Disaster

Freezing Pipes: How to Avoid a Winter Plumbing Disaster


Alexander V. Martin

If you live in a cold climate you already know that extreme cold can wreak havoc on your plumbing. When water freezes in the pipes, the water expands and the joints of the pipes (and even the pipes themselves) expand and break apart. When the water defrosts, your pipes break and, as the water thaws, it bursts forth and floods your landscaping, kitchen, or bathroom, possibly ruining your flooring and wall board. What measures can you take to avoid this unnecessary flooding and repair?

Keep your pipes well-insulated. Home stores sell special pipe insulation that is easy to wrap around pipes and keep the water warmer inside of them. You can insulate any pipes you can access, including those in attic spaces and under the house. Be sure to insulate landscape pipes as well. Those pipes are actually most vulnerable since they are outside. In most climates, this measure is sufficient.

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For extra security, let water run during a particularly cold night. Running water has a lower freezing point than standing water. Consider the difference in temperatures it takes to freeze a lake versus a water fall. It is fairly unusual to see a waterfall frozen because running water has a lower freezing point. If a faucet in you home is running, particularly in a room that is extra cold, your pipes are less likely to freeze.

Keep your home warm. Obviously, a warmer room temperature will keep your pipes protected. It is when your room temperature reaches temperatures below freezing that you will have a problem. If you leave for vacation, keep your thermometer set to fifty degrees just to avoid the possibility of a plumbing disaster. (There are not many things worse than returning from a vacation to a flood that has ruined your flooring and dry wall.) Alternatively, turn your water off entirely at the main line and drain your pipes.

Your pipes are probably most vulnerable if you are in a more moderate climate and your home has not been protected. Surprise cold sprees are disasters for communities that have not prepared them for such low overnight temperatures. Find time in the spring or the summer to crawl around the attic and under the house, watch for spiders, and get your pipes insulated. During the next cold spell, you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair bills, not to mention the hassle that comes along with it.

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