By Miles Lovegrove

Something that you treasure all of your life is a wooden plaque. It will hang on the wall with pride, where a paper certificate more than likely gets damaged or lost.

Corporate plaques are given to exceptional employees. This can be for any reason of accomplishment. Corporate plaques are also made to add to each time. An employee of the month is an example. The name is added each month to a Corporate Plaque.

Corporate Plaques can be created for any special reason as individual type plaques, or the ready made plaques can be used. They come in state shapes, shield shapes and clock shapes, to name a few. They have traditional series, classic series, and President Series, to name a few. There is rosewood, cherry wood, and marble Corporate Plaques. There are the plaques that hold pictures and plaques that have the metal head of a fireman, policeman or an eagle. Corporate plaques can also be for judges with a gavel on it. Mayor plaques are one design with engraving. There is a performance series of plaques and a slotted plaque.

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The first thing you have to do before getting a Corporate Plaque is to know what the occasion is for giving one. Next you have to decide who will be receiving a Corporate Plaque, and then decide what is to be engraved on it. It’s not easy to design a plaque for someone you are paying homage to. It could be someone special in the company or it could be someone who is a hero in the city. The reason for giving the plaque will designate what’s on it and how it is engraved.

One of the biggest amounts of plaques given is in sports of some kind. Corporate sponsors are usually given a plaque with a picture of the team they have been sponsoring. Or the opposite could take place and the corporate sponsor could give the team a plaque. If the sport is baseball, a home plate shaped plaque would be one to appreciate. Most of the sports can have a plaque that refers to that special sport, if not shaped for the sport; it may have something attached to it for the sport, like a small golf club or the shape of a football or basketball. You can create your own plaque.

There are numerous reasons to give Corporate Plaques and even more reasons to receive them. Nothing makes someone feel better than to receive a plaque for whatever reason. Some Corporations hand out a plaque every month to the employee of the month as well as adding an engraved strip to the perpetual plaque that hangs where others can see it.

Plaques can be in clear acrylic or in various colours of wood. Logos can be added to the plaque as well as signatures, like the signature of the CEO from where the Corporate Plaque is being awarded.

Plaques are not an expensive way to honour someone, so it should always be considered when wanting to pay homage to anyone. Even a plaque to parents is a great idea. It goes a little past the Corporate Plaque, but think how wonderful they would feel to get a plaque on their anniversary. It would be a Keepsake forever.

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